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0Letter from Alexander Blair to James Tytler on the New Zealand Company land liability and the Nelson Trust Funds Board
A genealogy of John Alfred Langford : a pioneer settler in New Zealand
Genealogy of J.A. Langford
A view of the Port, Nelson, New Zealand. A view of the Port, Nelson, New Zealand.
Watercolour painting on rectangular sheet of cream paper with border margins. The image is a scene from the Port looking east across to Nelson city hills. A dirt road spans the foreground space. In the middle ground to the left is a wooden barrel lying on it's side, and further to the right a horse and cart, next to which a woman in a red dress and a man stand. To the left and 'behind' the horse and cart is a two storied building with casement windows, a flag pole on the roof and a street veranda extending over the road supported on posts. On the facade of the veranda is "H.M.CUSTOMS". To the left of the centre of the picture is the mast of a boat. On the right are two double-storied buildings with large shop front casement windows. There are planter boxes on the second stories. On the facade is "SHIP AKERSTEN. CHANDLERS". To the right side of the buildings are a row of wooden barrels and a flagpole and flag. To the extreme right is a steep cliff. In the background is the sea and hill ranges.

In the bottom edge of the window mount is "A VIEW AT THE PORT NELSON NEW ZEALAND"
AP-R : Australasian photo-review : Australiasi's own photographic magazine
Vol. 47(6)
Per: PHO
Account Account
1 p., W. & W. F. Stilwell Timber Merchants...14 /- W + W Stillwell
Account of leaving Patea and the journey on the HMNZT 36 Tofua to Hobart : 9 Jul - Friday 19 Nov
Photocopy of a handwritten account by G.A. Robbie leaving New Zealand in the ship H.M.N.Z. 36 Tofua for Hobart. The transport ship will travel onto Egypt.
Adventure New Zealand : issue 91 (Oct-Nov 1998)
Includes articles: Blast from the past - Perrine Moncrieff, 1893-1979 : p.16; The Rainbow Ride : a ride up the Rainbow and down the historic Heritage Trail, p. 48-51.
Box: Periodical oddments
Agreement between the Kelling Brothers and German emigrant labourer Hans Henry (Hans Heinrich) Busch of Reppenhagen, on behalf of Count Ranzau
Hans Henry Busch who came to New Zealand with the NZ Company. A bilingual German / English document with official seal and stamp.
American photography : vol. XXXV, no. 9, Sep 1941
Vol. 35(9) ; Monthly
Box: Periodical oddments
And so it began
Vol. 1 (Nov 1982) - vol. 5 (Mar 1989); Frequency of publication varies;