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Name/Title/Object Brief Description Accession No Photographic Reference number Other Reference Numbers
New mineral discoveries in the Nelson Province
605 CAW
The Maori school of learning : its objects, methods and ceremonial
572 BES; Field Pam 1923 Box 3
125 years : Nelson Building Society : savings, loans and service
332.3 NEA
Photography : simple instructions for beginners / by W.E.S.
Photography and developing instructions for beginning photographers. No date.
770 PHO
Trichrome printing by the Autotype Carbro process
Trichrome printing instruction booklet, entirely re-written by Mr F.R.Newens in conjunction with the Autotype Company [Forward page].
770 NEW
Ilford bromide clorono and plastika papers
Instructional booklet describing Ilford papers and the best processing methods for each type. No date.
770 ILF
Ilford & Selo plates, papers, films
Instructional booklet Ilford & Selo plates papers films. No date.
770 ILF
Better movies in color
Instructional booklet for improved home movie making.
778.53 BET
Super Titler Bolex Paillard
Instructional leaflet for the Bolex Paillard Super Titling set, printed in Switzerland by Paillard Ltd., Sainte-Croix. No date.
778.53 SUP
Descriptive catalogue of - 16mm sound Kodascope Library
16mm Sound Kodascope Library, No date.
778.53 KOD
The Caltex International Film Series : color and sound films available on free loan...
Caltex catalogue of color and sound films available on free loan to: clubs, schools & libraries, farm organisations, civic & church organizations, other responsible groups.
791.4 CAL
How to splice film with the G.B.-Bell & Howell Film Splicer Model 604: a quick-action, professional type splicer for 16mm. silent, 16mm. sound, and 8mm. film.
An instruction booklet for GB Bell and Howell Film Splicer Model 604.
778.53 HOW
Electric cookery : economical, simple, clean, safe : hints, instructions & recipes. Electric cookery : economical, simple, clean, safe : hints, instructions & recipes.
New Zealand published booklet giving an overview of cooking with an electric oven and recipes. No date but thought to be circa late 1920's to early 1930's.
AG301 D3
Challies / by Lula Stiles
Booklet, 'Challies Family History'.
929.2 CHA
Unauthorised biography of Sir Joseph Ward, Premier of New Zealand
Suggestions for development of some mineral and chemical resources / by J.J. McKee, Managing Director, Lime & Marble Ltd & Fruitgrowers Chemical Co. Ltd, 21st October 1955
Includes bibliographical references and index. Discusses the main classes of potential industry, siting of industries and logistics and other industries.
Diagram on last page (folded): Salt, coal & limestone for N.Z. Chemical Industry by R.Taylor Oct 1955;
The appendices include: Mineral resources of Marlborough, Nelson and West Coast; interdependent products, table of imports, Australian production statistics and possible industries; Three newspaper articles in acid free envelope at rear of book, titled: Takaka ore lode assessed; Sulphide ore near Takaka may be valuable; The Golden Bay Cement Company Limited.
333.85 MCK
Some notes on the Greenslades of Greymouth and Nelson
929.2 GRE